Gasteiner Wanderbuch
Silvia Schmid
Wanderführer der OeAV-Sektionen Bad Gastein, Bad Hofgastein und Dorfgastein
Hiking guide of the Austrian Alpine Assoc. chapters in Gastein
Hohe Tauern
Österreichischer Alpenverein

Hiking Book Gastein

The 40 most beautiful hikes in the Gastein valley lead you into the great world of the mountains. In part, the routes are described as quite simple, nevertheless, they are anything other than just a "walk". They are often in isolated areas to be on the road in a pristine landscape. This makes it attractive, but that you also need a certain level of fitness, of prudence and a sense of responsibility. Only then will you, your companions and the up there so sensitive nature, in perpetuity, without prejudice to stay.

In the guide, the long hikes are divided into stages, each a worthwhile goal.
So you can plan in advance, we have brief overview of  all tours with the most important Details compiled. All of the information needed we give you, from the directions to the  the specifics and additional tips, up to the most important phone numbers.

In the books main section you will find  descriptions of the tours, with info block, elevation profiles, and  "Tourenskizzen".
The profiles will clarify to you how long the trips are and how steep the trail is, so how hard  you can expect it to be.
The given walking times are approximate. Best you go for a Tour and  compare the values specified with the required time. In the descriptions of the tours we have put emphasis  on describing what fascinating sights you will have during the tour.

Each Tour and each  stages are within three different levels of difficulty.


The tips for the way go over the following topics:
•Huts and mountain pastures in the Gastein valley
•Dealing with grazing livestock on the pastures
•Clothing and equipment
•Highest caution in the early summer
•Before the departure
•Mind on the road
•For the sake of the environment