Gasteiner Wanderbuch
Silvia Schmid
Wanderführer der OeAV-Sektionen Bad Gastein, Bad Hofgastein und Dorfgastein
Hiking guide of the Austrian Alpine Assoc. chapters in Gastein
Hohe Tauern
Österreichischer Alpenverein

Alpin Pins

Silberne Alpinnadel   Goldene Alpinnadel
Silver Alpinnadel   Gold Alpinnadel
 20 Alpine points    all of the below


While the routes to the endpoints of the “Wandernadel” (hiking pin) hikes are well marked and accessible for every experienced hiker, the climbs that you must make for the “Wandernadel” are  real alpine challenges.


Most of these hikes require, apart from alpine experience and a sense of direction,  security and experience in climbing on rock and ice. This includes the correct usage of safety devices, glacier- and climbing-equipment. 

For some of the locations even experienced mountaneers should be accompanied by mountain guides. 



Not all peaks are in the Gastein Valley, some are located in the adjacent mountain ranges. However, they are easily accessible from the Gastein Valley and offer good climbers rather exciting and varied experiences of the mountains.



Within reach of Gasteiner Valley

Säuleck 8 Points
Hochalmspitze 12 Points
Hocharn 12 Points
Sonnblick 10 Points
Hafner 10 Points

Other Mountain Ranges

Preimelspitze 10 Points
Großglockner 15 Points
Großvenediger 12 Points
Hochkönig 8 Points
Bischofsmütze 10 Points
Johannisberg 12 Points
Dachstein 10 Points
Wiesbachhorn 12 Points

In the Gasteiner Valley

Biwakschachtel "Ali lanti"
5 Points
Feuersang 6 Points
Ankogel 6 Points
Hohe Geißl 6 Points
Romatenspitze 5 Points
Bernkogel 5 Points (Tour 37)
Silberpfennig 6 Points (Tour 2)
Schareck 10 Points
Tischlerspitze 12 Points
Tischlerkarkopf 12 Points
Keeskogel 12 Points
Hölltorspitze 12 Points
Gamskarlspitze 10 Points