Gasteiner Wanderbuch
Silvia Schmid
Wanderführer der OeAV-Sektionen Bad Gastein, Bad Hofgastein und Dorfgastein
Hiking guide of the Austrian Alpine Assoc. chapters in Gastein
Hohe Tauern
Österreichischer Alpenverein

Gastein Peak Crown

... A badge of special class

The gastein valley goes across 20 kilometers to the Tauern main ridge, above which are 55 “Gipfel Spalier”. A Peak crown, which rises higher from crest to crest, leads up to the three peaks in the National Park Hohe Tauern. Those who want to climb them all, have a big challenge – those who  manage are honored with a special badge: The Gastein peak crown - the highest class of the Gastein Alpine and Hiking Pin.


Among the peaks that surround the twenty kilometer Gastein are harmless grass mountains as well as demanding three thousand meter high,  well-marked hiking and trackless peaks that would otherwise  be rarely observed. The biggest mountaineering challenges are the three thousand meters between Ankogel and Elendscharte: Grubenkarkopf, Tischler spitze and Tischlerkarkopf lie above remote valleys, amidst split-rich glacier, connected by brittle, rocky ridges.


Alpine experience, mountaineering skills, climbing skills, safe walking on ice and rock as well as a very good orientation skills are required for anyone who wants to take  attempt to reach the top peak. And for some peaks, even most experienced climbers should be accompanied by a mountain guide. 


Below you will find all the peaks of the Gastein summit rim. We start with the Rauchkögerl, the northernmost summit on the western side of the valley, follow the ridge up to the three peaks in the National Park Hohe Tauern with the Goldberg group, and then turn north again and get on the eastern ridge to Luxkogel at the beginning of the Gastein valley .




PeakHight  marked 
Rauchkögerl 1810 m Tour 39 Wanderweg yes easily
Bernkogel 2325 m Tour 37 Wanderweg yes difficult
Sladinkopf 2305 m --- Bergsteig no medium
Tagkopf (Dorfer Himmel) 2085 m Tour 36 Wanderweg yes blue
Seebachkatzenkogel 2148 m --- Bergsteig no blue
Kramkogel 2454 m --- Bergsteig no easily
Hundskopf 2403 m --- Bergsteig no easily
Türchlwand 2577 m Tour 23 Wanderweg yes easily
Mauskarkopf 2373 m Tour 22 Wanderweg yes medium
Kalkbretterkopf (Breitfeldkogel) 2412 m Tour 19 Wanderweg Bis Stanzscharte markiert easily
Silberpfennig 2660 m Tour 2 Wanderweg yes easily
Zittrauertisch 2409 m Tour 9 Wanderweg yes easily
Kolmkarspitze 2529 m --- Bergsteig no easily
Schareck 3122 m --- Alpiner Steig yes difficult
Weinflaschenkopf 3006 m --- Hochalpine Tour (Bergführer!) no triangle
Schlapperebenspitze 2973 m --- Hochalpine Tour (Bergführer!) no triangle
Sparangerkopf 2915 m --- Hochalpine Tour (Bergführer!) no triangle
Murauerkopf 2988 m --- Hochalpine Tour (Bergführer!) no triangle
Hohe Geißl 2974 m --- Alpiner Steig yes difficult
Romatenspitze 2696 m --- Alpiner Steig no difficult
Großer Woisgenkopf 2701 m --- Alpiner Steig no difficult
Kleiner Woisgenkopf 2557 m --- Alpiner Steig no difficult
Salesenkogel 2681 m --- Alpiner Steig no difficult
Kreuzkogel 2686 m Tour 7 Wanderweg yes easily
Thomaseck 2112 m --- Bergsteig no easily
Gamskarlspitze 2832 m --- Alpiner Steig no difficult
Römerkopf   ---   no difficult
Ankogel 3252 m --- Hochalpine Tour yes triangle
Grubenkarkopf 3006 m --- Hochalpine Tour no triangle
Tischlerspitze 3001 m --- Hochalpine Tour (Bergführer!) no triangle
Tischlerkarkopf 3004 m --- Hochalpine Tour (Bergführer!) no triangle
Hölltorkogel 2905 m --- Hochalpine Tour no triangle
Pafnerseekopf 2531 m --- Alpiner Steig / leichte Kletterei no difficult
Graukogel 2492 m Tour 13 Wanderweg yes medium
Hüttenkogel 2231 m Tour 13 Wanderweg yes easily
Feuersang 2477 m --- Bergsteig no medium
Bocksteinkogel 2527 m --- Alpiner Steig, leichte Kletterei (Bergführer!) no difficult
Keeskogel 2886 m --- Hochalpine Tour no triangle
Keesnickelkopf 2776 m --- Hochalpine Tour (Bergführer!) no triangle
Grasleitnkopf 2406 m --- Alpiner Steig no difficult
Glaserer 2434 m --- Alpiner Steig no difficult
Flugkopf 2281 m --- Bergsteig no easily
Döferl (Kreuzkogel) 2325 m --- Bergsteig no easily
Thronegg 2214 m --- Bergsteig no easily
Gamskarkogel 2467 m Tour 17, 27 Wanderweg yes easily
Frauenkogel 2424 m Tour 27 Wandergweg yes easily
Laderdinger Gamskarspitze 2413 m --- Bergsteig no difficult
Geißkarkopf 2385 m --- Bergsteig no medium
Kreuzkogel (Dorfgastein) 2027 m Tour 32 Wanderweg yes easily
Fulseck 2033 m Tour 30-32 Wanderweg yes easily
Schuhflicker 2214 m Tour 31 Wanderweg yes medium
Urkübl 2010 m Tour 32 Bergsteig im Gipfelbereich nein medium
Gasteiner Höhe 1994 m Tour 33 Wanderweg yes easily
Hassek 2119 m Tour 33 Wanderweg yes easily
Luxkogel 1824 m --- Wanderweg yes easily